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Nefarious (Trailer 2)
Nefarious (Trailer 2)

2:15 Nefarious (Trailer 2)

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Sean Patrick Flanery
Jordan Belfi
Dr. James Martin
James Healy Jr.
Gate Guard

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1 hr 39 mins
Upon receiving a conviction for his crimes, a notorious serial killer faces the death penalty. Yet on the day his execution is scheduled, his court-ordered psychiatric evaluation takes a significant turn as he claims to be possessed by a demon. The serial killer then curses the psychiatrist to a grisly fate of his own, with dire consequences. Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon co-write and co-direct the horror. Co-starring Sean Patrick Flanery, Jordan Belfi, and Eric Hanson.
2023 R Horror, Suspense

A Serbian Film (Uncut)

1 hr 44 mins
Filmmaker Srdjan Spasojevic pushes the boundaries of what can (or should) be shown onscreen in this violent and malignly erotic thriller. Milos (Srdjan Todorovic) was once a star in pornographic movies, well known for his ability to perform longer than any of his peers, but he gave up his career and now lives a quiet life with his wife and young son. Milos has been having serious money problems and wants to better provide for his family, so when an old friend tells him about a wealthy filmmaker who'd like to work with him, he's willing to listen. Vukmir (Sergej Trifunovic) is a mysterious man who offers to pay Milos a huge sum to appear in his next film -- enough to support his family for life. Milos agrees, even though Vukmir won't tell him what the movie is about. Not long after Milos arrives on set, he realizes this will not be an ordinary porn film, and as he's dosed with drugs and led from one extreme of sex, violence, and human debasement to another, Milos becomes aware that his physical and emotional survival is being put to the ultimate test. Srpski Film (aka A Serbian Film) generated no small amount of controversy following its first American screenings at the 2010 South by Southwest Film Festival.
2010 NC17 Horror, Suspense, Other

Slow Torture Puke Chamber

1 hr 15 mins
The final chapter of Lucifer Valentine's Vomit Gore Trilogy winds to a chuck-blowing close as two of Satan's most devoted slaves merge into one infernal being. Shortly after Angela Aberdeen arrives in Hell to fulfill her pact with Satan she is sent back to Earth on an unholy mission to destroy yet another unfortunate victim. Now, a new Angela (Hope Likens) will suffer the excruciating pains of the Devil's Curse as her bulimia takes over, and she begins to merge with her tormented predecessor.
2010 NR Horror

Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte

2 hr 13 mins
A faded Southern belle with a horrible secret in her past goes to the brink of insanity following the arrival of her seemingly sweet-tempered cousin after spending years as a recluse in her decaying mansion.
1964 NR Drama, Horror, Suspense

Evil Dead Rise

1 hr 37 mins
Written and directed by Lee Cronin, the latest installment of the Evil Dead franchise centers on a complicated family and the demons that haunt them. Estranged sisters Beth and Ellie reunite after many years. Beth drops by Ellie's apartment in Los Angeles where she raises her three kids as a single mother. The sisters discover an ominous book that unleashes a flesh-possessing demon. When the demon takes control of Beth, Ellie and her kids face the worst nightmare of their lives.
69   Metascore
2023 R Horror

Trick or Treat

1 hr 37 mins
A dead rock star's music makes people disintegrate. Eddie: Marc Price. Curr: Tony Fields. Nuke: Gene Simmons. Rev. Gilstrom: Ozzy Osbourne. Leslie: Lisa Orgolini. Tim: Doug Savant. Angie: Elaine Joyce. Charles Martin Smith directed.
57   Metascore
1986 R Horror, Music, Comedy

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